Company History

The word Vitrocem is derived from two words, Vitreous (glass like) and Cement. It was coined in the late 1950's to describe a system for coating walls with cement, silica sand and other components, which, when finished, have a high gloss glazed finish of extreme durability. Today the Vitrocem line of coatings includes systems incorporating the use of polyester, polyester polyurethanes, acrylics, and other resins. 

Since 1958, when the business was founded, Bithell, Inc. has endeavored to research, develop and manufacture products, which provide maximum durability and protection for all construction surfaces.

These products are applied by Bithell, Inc. employees. They are not sold to Contractors. There is only one guarantee, and it covers both labor and materials. Therefore, there are no conflicts between applicator and manufacturer. Early on we realized that selling our products to contractors was at cross purposes with what we were trying to accomplish. Manufacturers who sell their products to contractors have no control over how their products are applied. If a manufacturer is to guarantee the highest quality usage of their product they must control the application of the product. Hence, Bithell, Inc. applies all of the Vitrocem Products they manufacture.

Gordon L. Bithell, President

Vitrocem Division of Bithell, INC.